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Vicci Guillet


Cajun Invasion suffered a tremendous loss when Vicci Guillet passed away on Sunday, May 10, 2015. Vicci was one of the original breast cancer survivors on the team and was always a source of inspiration. She was endlessly enthusiastic, had a real love for life, for Cajun Invasion, for dragon boating and was our team cheerleader. She always gave 110% and her motto was "leave it all on the water". Her strength of character and courage in the face of adversity helped her fight three battles with cancer; the final one took her from us. 

The picture here is from the 2014 IBCPC Participatory Dragon Boat Festival in Sarasota, FL. This was Vicci's last dragon boat race and she loved it, as you can see from the expression on her face. Cajun Invasion was lucky to have this extraordinary woman on the team; to say Vicci will be missed is an understatement. 

Paddles up, Vicci! Time to get ready for your next heat! 

About Us


Cajun Invasion strives to raise public awareness about cancer and encourages a healthy lifestyle through the sport of Dragon Boating


We hope for a cure in our lifetime. We seek to celebrate life and support our community especially those whose lives have been touched by cancer. We encourage survivors of all cancers, and supporters, to become involved in the sport of Dragon Boating.


 Cajun Invasion is a 501(c)3 Louisiana Non-Profit organization. Your donation(s) are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. 

 Cajun Invasion operates on members dues, sponsors and individual donations. In return we support our Lafayette community with donations to the organizations listed below: 

  • Breast Center of Acadiana
  • Oncologist Transportation Fund
  • Family Promise of Acadiana
  • Susan Komen Acadiana Race for the cure
  • Miles Perret Cancer Center
  • Relay for Life
  • Breast Health Symposium
  • National Cancer Survivors Day

 Our Cajun Invasion team is made up of cancer survivors,  supporters and anyone who wants to experience the great sport of dragon boat racing. Your donation will not only help survivors in the dragon boat achieve physical goals that were thought to be out of reach (especially during treatment), but also patients and survivors outside the boat with their fight against cancer.